Working with Evidence to Improve Stoma Care Webinar 18:00 - 18:30 Tuesday 9th March

Speaker: Jennie Burch, Head of Gastrointestinal Nurse Education, St Mark's Hospital

This session will focus on tools available to stoma care nurses to gain knowledge and skills that will improve their practice.

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Peristomal Skin Health Consensus
One of the fundamental issues for all nurses that care for people with a stoma is to maintain skin health. However, when looking through the many hundreds of publications on the topic of stoma care it becomes clear that skin care is problematic for both people with a stoma and the nurses trying to assist them. To help improve care, there is now a consensus document available from the British Journal of Nursing, written in conjunction with experts on stomas and skin care; Keep it simple: peristomal skin health and quality of life. This consensus document describes the importance of assessing patients and classifying their skin condition when it occurs. Assessment might involve using a tool or asking the right questions. It is important to consider ways to manage any changes in skin integrity as well as to record and monitor improvement. Listen to the highlights and read the document to help you to help people with stomas maintain a good quality of life.

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This webinar will be followed by interviews with the following BJN Award Winners:
Stoma Care Nurse of the Year, Wound Care Nurse of the Year, Chronic Oedema Nurse of the Year and Mental Health Nurse of the Year.